The Backroom Staff | Real Betis #2 | FM20

The majority of FM players have a set routine that they carry out on the first day of a new job. Some like to dive straight in by analysing their squad, identifying players they’d like to bring in and then go to the tactics screen to create the system they hope will destroy all before them. For me, my first priority and the most exciting place to start is the staff tab.

This is what I was faced with on my first day in charge of Betis. It certainly wasn’t the worst set up that I’ve come across, however I felt I needed to make some major improvements, especially in the recruitment department which as you can see was very thin on numbers. However, let’s begin with the Coaching Team. I’m not going to discuss each member of the team in detail, but there are a couple of individuals I want to touch on.

João TralhãoAssistant Manager

This name will be familiar to avid FM players as he’s been a top coach on the game for a few years now and I was delighted to be able to bring him in as my right hand man. As well as being a good coach, João has a professional personality which I like and his tactical style and preferred formation is quite close to what I’ll be trying to Implement here at Betis. An excellent addition to my staff.

Pedro BuenaventuraHead of Youth Development

Pedro starts the game at the club having been the HOYD since 2014 and was someone I did consider replacing, however the cost of mutually terminating his contract (€1M) was far too much at this stage and despite him not having the perfect personality, his tactical style fits what I’m trying to do at the club. Also, attribute wise he is pretty decent and will most likely stay for the duration of his contract where I will then look for an improvement.

Aswell as a new assistant, 5 new coaches were added to the staff with only the fitness coach and HOYD remaining from the previous regime. Overhaul.

So, now that the Coaching Team has been covered lets take a look at the Recruitment Team and firstly, in my opinion, the most important member of said staffing group.

Zlatko Zahovic – Director of Football

Up until FM20 I would control all aspects of the clubs I was in charge of, however this year I’ve decided to do things differently. As much as I possibly can I’m trying to operate in a way that a manager would in real life and this means not running the club from top to bottom, but instead delegating tasks to other staff members. FmFutbolManager produced an excellent guide on the role of the DOF and how you can use the individual in that role effectively. Here at Betis Zlatko’s role will be to:

  • Negotiate incoming and outgoing transfers for every squad
  • Handle all contract renewals (Although for first team I will tell him which players contracts I want renewing)
  • Hire/fire Managers for Betis Deportivo (2nd team) and the Under 19’s
  • Renew the Managers contracts for the above teams
  • Handle Scout meetings (I will be setting up the assignments)
  • Report back to me in regards to Transfers and Contracts, as well as providing scout feedback.
  • Attend new singing press conferences

As well as hiring a DOF, a new technical director was also recruited. Meet Gorka González:

He will not have as many responsibilities as Mr.Zahovic, however what he will do is: Hire and fire staff for the 2nd team & Under 19’s, Renew the contracts of said staff members, take responsibility for all coaching courses and Advise on all matters regarding the backroom staff.

Finally, lets have a look at the rest of recruitment team:

Only one scout that was at the club when I joined has remained – Miguel Calzado who will be our opposition scout and we also recruited a whole new data analyst team. In a separate blog post I will talk about the scouting team and how I’ll be setting them up.

So, that is the backroom staff covered for now. One role I did not mention is the Loan Manager and that’s because I haven’t hired one yet, but I will be looking to do that at some point.

If you’ve made it to this point I just like to say a massive thank you for reading once again and I hope you’ll join me in the next post where I’ll be focusing on player recruitment.

Take Care

Phillips FM

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